Hello Captains.

Here are our development plans for this winter and spring: Jan-May 2015. 

1. New ship models

The following list of vessels will be delivered for testing by the end of Spring. Some ships might get delayed by storms.

  • Mercury brig
  • La belle poule
  • Ingermanland
  • La Renomme
  • Privateer Schooner (based on Lynx - with more guns)
  • Brig Navy Edition (based on Brig - with more guns)
  • HMS Pickle
  • 28 gun light frigate
  • Gunboat

2. Open world distance and speeds testing

3. Ship customization

  • Ship parameters randomization
  • Simple ship upgrades
  • Simple loot
  • Simple crafting

4. Gameplay

  • Updated damage model 4.0
  • Improved sailing of for-and-aft rigs
  • Better turning and rudder mechanics
  • Commander tablet
  • New game types: Operations gameplay – 24 hours large battle map with respawns, and shore defences

5. Other improvements

  • Improved chat
  • Manual
  • Soft launch of early access on steam

With your pre-orders we are moving significantly faster. Thank you for the continued support and feedback you are providing us with. 

Special thanks to all community correspondents, streamers and youtube content makers, who are making awesome videos about our game.