HMS "Trincomalee" was recently launched for Sea Trials. This is one of the few Leda Class frigates that still exist. Leda class was based on the captured french "Hebe" Frigate and was one of the most successful frigate designs.

This ship has an amazing history. 

A set of plans for two new Leda Class Frigates were drawn up in England. The first ship was to be named Trincomalee, after an action in 1782 between the Royal and French navies off the Ceylon port of that name, and the second was called Amphitrite. Due to oak shortages, the vessels were to be built in Bombay from teak. During the voyage the vessel carrying the plans, HMS Java, was attacked and defeated by USS Constitution. Java sank under tow, taking the plans with her. USS Constitution is also recreated in Naval Action. 

Trincomalee is a beautiful ship with excellent weaponry, built for speed and close-haul performance. She is a "wet" frigate for having excessive pitching and heel and some captains even requested shipyards to add a false keel to remedy this. It's best fleet role is heavy interceptor as it lacks strength to withstand broadside to broadside combat with ships of the line. In the hands of the skilled captain she turns into a beast, especially in frigate combat. 

HMS Trincomalee in Combat. Fan video.