Hi Captains.

Here is what we are trying to deliver this year in Naval Action. 

  1. Pre-order buyers will be invited to the sea trials soon. Those who want to help the development, will join the ranks of focus testers and will provide feedback on combat gameplay and sailing qualities of vessels in game.
  2. 4 new ships will be added to the game: Ontario and Light Brig will definitely arrive; Trincomalee, Santisima Trinidad arrival is probable, but they could be delayed by storms.
  3. Boarding combat will be added (as a simple abstraction of captain orders)
  4. Mortars will be added as a weapon and a Mortar brig will be launched
  5. Prototype untextured forts will be given to testing (light and heavy edition) 

We are also working on the:

  • item system that will support loot, modules and ship captures and transfer
  • basic beta mission system to provide better incentives to participate in events and player battles
  • simple rank based progression 

Prototype open world map needs several things to be implemented before going out for testing, we believe that we can get it done before the end of the year. Initially we will be testing the map size and travel time on the open world. Current size of our Caribbean is 16 mln sq km. It currently takes 30 to 60 mins real time in the fastest ship to reach La Grenade from Guadeloupe.