We have lots of news

1. We have started closed focus testing of combat mechanics and server technology. So far feedback was very positive. Everyone loves the direction we are taking and we will work hard on improving the game based on your feedback. We will continue inviting more players to test the combat. 

2. USS Constitution modeling is almost finished. It is a beautiful frigate and will be available for combat by the end of the year.


3. We are finishing the development of the core combat features: shooting, and sailing and will test final versions with players shortly. Additions include: yard management, better shooting mechanics, point blank range shooting and various experiments with cannon angles and distances

4. Additional plans

  • Ship rebalancing
  • Server improvements
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Terrain improvements
  • Mast destruction visualization

We have achieved good progress with terrain and can show a part of a northern coastline map. 

HMS Surprise leaving harbour

HMS Surprise leaving harbour

For long and cold winter we have a new dock, that will be posted soon (during the major website update).

Winter docks