Breathtaking open world based on 18th century historical maps gives you an opportunity to explore the 18th Century Caribbean. More than 365 historical ports based on their real locations are scattered across the map. Map is enormous - you cannot see another shore of lake Maracaibo. 

Map does not provide player position. Captains are expected to navigate using landmarks and compass. We were able to bring back the feeling of getting lost at sea into the computer game. Weather will make travel easier or harder reducing the visibility of the shores or allowing sneak attack on enemy fleets or ports.

Water depth is important and there are large areas available only to light ships.  If you are not interested in sailing heavy frigates or ships of the line you can move out to Bahamas’ sand banks and only sail your favorite brig without fear encountering a heavy super frigate. 

Pinkerton map of the West Indies was used for our open world.

Pinkerton map of the West Indies was used for our open world.

Build and Trade

Economy is still in development but is already player driven. Prices go up or down based on supply demand. Ship construction requires resources that have to be captured and protected from enemies. Every port has its own supply and demand patterns providing the trading opportunities for the players. You can build any ship in the game the way you want it: tweaking it's battle and sailing performance during construction. In the future we plan to add production buildings and port investments increasing the depth of crafting


Santisima Trinidad in action

Santisima Trinidad in action

Attack any enemy flag you see, help other players, harass enemy shipping, or join the fleets to participate in large-scale open world or port battles.  Solo game play is hard but is also possible. Finding a good hunting spot and a fast ship is key for the solo player.  There are more than 1500 NPC vessels cruising the map and up to 2500 simultaneous players bringing the Caribbean age of sail to life. 


You can sail under the flag of nations that historically had presence in the Caribbean (had at least one port from 1600 to 1830)

  • Britain
  • France
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Denmark
  • Holland
  • Sweden

Or you can be a Pirate. Pirates can attack each other and that changes their mechanics compared to other nations. Pirate mechanics are in development and might improve or change in the future.

At this stage of the game all nations are at war with each other. Every port except for free towns and capitals can be captured, limiting access to resources to other nations. Build your own empire by creating a guild and conquering Caribbean for your nation.