Patch has been deployed to live servers

What's new

  • Special event added that will happen from time to time somewhere in the Caribbean
  • Knowledge slots previous ships unlock requirements removed from the game, ships still have knowledge slots and require xp on this ship, but don't have pre-requisites
  • PvP marks and PvE marks removed and replaced by Combat marks
  • PvP kills now give 2x combat marks to the previous pvp marks (if you got 2 pvp marks for kill you would get 4 combat marks)
  • PvP marks conversion added to convert left over pvp marks into combat marks
  • Rookie Brig and Rookie Snow added to low level missions
  • Added the ability to switch ships with fleet in ports (even without outpost)
  • Skillbooks and Books now provide a tool tip in the admiralty/pirate den store (to see the requirements and bonuses place the mouse over the result of the exchange in the right window which appears after you click on the skillbook or book)
  • Book tab is added to port store
  • Improved (relaxed) speed requirements and time requirements to pick up loot from sinking ships

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the bug that did not transfer the crews between gunnery and sailing crew focuses when you had extra crew
  • Fixed the bug that did not start the storm preset in the instance
  • Fixed the bug that did not apply hold optimization bonuses in the instance
  • Fixed the bug that did not repair ship in the OW if you had minor damage
  • Fixed the bug that you could sell items to port if the port was not supposed to buy those items
  • Fixed the bug that did not let you place contracts in neutral ports
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes locked the amounts you could sell to 1 
  • Fixed the bug that did not start the port battle if the port battle time fell onto the port battle lock down times (1 hr before or 1 hr after of maintenance)
  • Fixed the bug that blocked purchase of 36lb guns under contracts


  • Hull repairs, Rig repairs and Rum are now placed into consumables section in the port
  • Trading goods consumption by Npc traders slightly increased
  • Furnishing requirements for 4 lower level vessels reduced
  • Several ships were removed from NPC stores to promote crafting, the margins for the remaining ships were reduced
  • Removed explosion strength from basic cutter
  • Reduced resource requirements for 7th and 6th rates
  • Minor speed rebalances were done for Bucentaure, Pavel, Endymion, Wappen, Agamemnon
  • OW speeds slightly rebalanced

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